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8/14/2022 : 8:33 am : +0200

Drainage Treatment

1. Leech:

Leeches are applied for congestive veins, varicosis, gout, arthrosis, especially arthrosis of the knee, liver congestion and high blood pressure amongst other diseases.

During the process of blood sucking the Leeches give their secretion called Hirudin to make the blood flow freely.  The intake of Hirudin through the bite of the leech improves flowing and circulation of the blood throughout the whole body.

The Leech therapy is a fantastic prevention for flight thrombosis.

Not to be used on bleeders or patients on hemodilution treatment!


2. Baunscheidt: „Western acupuncture“

This is an excellent treatment for chronic pain, especially arthrosis, rheumatism, gout, bronchitis and lung infections.

Experience has shown, that this method can bring about great improvement in such conditions and sometimes the patient can be completely healed.

The area of treatment is disinfected and the “Baunscheidt” instrument is run over the painful area, on both sides of the spinal column and a special oil is applied over the treated area thus increasing circulation and promoting detoxication.

Within a short time there will be a pustular or wheal eruption which is to be seen as a positive reaction because metabolic toxins can then be released over the skin.