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Darkfield- Vital-Blood-Analysis

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Darkfield- Vital-Blood-Analysis

in combination with Iridology and EAV.

To ensure the best possible diagnosis, the findings of the Darkfield-Blood- Analysis, the findings of the Iridology and Electro Acupuncture are compared.

For the Darkfield-Vital-Blood-Analysis one drop of blood is taken from the tip of the finger. This blood has important information about the composition of the blood, the condition of the different blood cells and the blood plasma.

Often patients come into the practice with multiple symptoms although laboratory findings are within the normal range but they do not feel healthy.

Therefore, we as natural therapists have the duty to find out the cause of the patients problems and the best suitable individual treatment.

It is useless to treat symptoms only. To find the cause and treat the patient accordingly is the aim of wholistic treatment!

For this purpose the Darkfield-Vital-Blood-Analysis is of great importance.

With one drop of blood we find many important factors about the current situation of the blood cells regarding the quality and vitality of the blood. The red blood cells should have a normal form, detached from other blood cells, and should be seen clearly. An abnormal finding is an indication of illness. Well formed and active white blood cells show a good, healthy immune system. If on the other hand they are deformed with parasitic burden, this is an indication for a poor and inactive immune system.

From these findings we can differentiate which organ system needs attention. Then the most adequate, cheapest, and most reliable, treatment with least efforts for the patients are chosen and applied. This ensures that on the one hand the patients feel the individual treatment and on the other hand we are doing the most effective thing by using the body´s natural potential to recuperate.

In this context the SANUM-biological Isotherapie offers many possibilities.

Within a short period of time, patients report about positive changes in their health.  They feel relieved, have more vitality and they gain their zest for life again.
With the Darkfield-Blood-Analysis the patients can follow up the process and development of their treatment on a large Monitor in the practice.