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8/14/2022 : 9:32 am : +0200


The following treatments show very good results:

  • Classical Homeopathy
  • Darkfield-Vital-Blood-Analysis in combination with Iridology.
  • Detoxication and Intestinal regeneration – SANUM biological medicines
  • Acute and chronic pain treatment.
  • Spinal treatment -  Dorn Method
  • Complementary Biological Cancer treatment – SANUM biological medicines.
  • Electro Acupuncture – Dr. Reinhard Voll
  • Opthalmotropic Genetic Treatment or Colorlight acupuncture – Peter Mandel

Supportive to all treatment forms homeopathic medicines according to the patient’s constitution in accordance to the Constitutional doctrine of the classical homeopathy are prescribed to ensure that the treatment success will be long lasting.

The duration of the treatment depends entirely on each patient, the severity of their illness and how they react to the treatment and therefore cannot be generalized.